Saturday, August 8

Airline Passenger's Cabin Luggage

Passenger with free cabin baggage

Low-cost airlines charging for check-in and cabin luggage.

Saturday, September 7

Celebrity cocktails

Sunday, July 28

Who was the first accountant?

Who was the first accountant?

*Adam. *

**He got interested in figures,

**turned the first leaf,

*made the first entry,

*lost interest after withdrawal,

*buggered up the monthly accounts

*and raised the first liability.*

Sunday, January 6

Wacky French Phallus Necklace

 Quite a Necklace Showed Off By Newswoman!

If a man wore it he would be called a showoff and quite an uproar been raised!!

Wednesday, October 31

25 Inappropriate Restaurant Names

25 Inappropriate Restaurant Names

toss my salad

A restaurant only has its name to sell itself on if you’ve never been there before or heard a recommendation.  A place like McDonald’s isn’t telling you much, but it’s also not telling you it serves ass pie.  There are people out there who could learn some lessons from that.

Sunday, September 9